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We always encourage the recycling of old pairs of glasses, especially if vintage. We restore and repair to the highest quality and can re-glaze almost any pair of glasses. So if you have an old pair of classic frames gathering dust that you would like to turn into a pair of highly fashionable shades...

Every Saturday we host a contact lens clinic. To begin with, we will asses whether contact lenses are suitable for you and what kind of lenses you might need. Through a teach-in session we will also assist you in putting in any lenses we may recommend.

We look after the eyes of all generations from the very young to the most senior amongst our community. With children, we draw on specialist training to meet their specific needs and also ensure that whatever your age you feel comfortable in our care at all times.

Of course, in an emergency you must go straight to Moorfields Eye Hospital or the Western Eye Hospital where you can expect to be seen the same day.


What we do

Eye examinations are at the core of our work, whether private or NHS. The consultations are carried out by highly experienced optometrists (specialists in eye defects) with the highest qualifications. We run three examination clinics every week.

If you have glasses, please bring them to the examination. It lasts about 40 minutes and, if private will cost £45.

Most glasses will usually take no more than a couple of days to make. We hold a large stock of frames in a variety of bridge sizes and arm lengths that go to ensure a bespoke fitting. In some particularly complicated cases (for example varifocal lenses) we might need up to ten days but we would of course advice you of this.

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